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Storytelling is in our DNA

We provide credible, compelling multimedia storytelling and services in English and French to help captivate your digital, broadcast and print audiences. As Canada’s national news agency for 100 years, we give Canadians an unbiased news source, driven by truth, accuracy and timeliness.

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We are Canada's trusted news leader, providing real-time articles for your mobile app.

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Canadian News Reporting

From breaking national, regional and world news to the biggest events in politics, sports, business and entertainment, we're there when it matters, delivering news about Canadians to Canadians.

Comprehensive & Bilingual

With journalists and freelancers across Canada, we create articles, graphics, photos, video and audio in English and French.

Credible & Reliable

We stand for first-rate journalism. Clients often use our content “as is” because of our 100-year reputation for being the first to get it right. They count?on our editorial expertise and ability to consistently deliver high-quality content on time.


We give a lot of personal attention to our clients, big and small. They?love working with us because we respond promptly, solve problems and show flexibility in meeting their budget and needs.

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Newsfeed Subscription

With more than 180 journalists, The Canadian Press provides up-to-the-minute newsfeeds of?articles, graphics, photos, audio and video clips that help keep your audience coming back for more. Strengthened by world news from The Associated Press, our bilingual national and regional reporting provides fast, accurate?and impartial news?for your publication, newscast, website and other platforms at a fraction of the cost of producing it yourself.

Custom Content Creation

Custom Content Creation

We produce branded content for your exclusive use with our national and global network of freelance copy writers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. Whether for PR, content marketing or editorial purposes, clients such as Visa, GE, Arthritis Society and Postmedia trust our storytelling expertise and understanding of what audiences want to read, watch and share.

Mobile App Publishing

Mobile App Publishing

We help launch beautiful, engaging mobile apps with Pugpig, the award-winning mobile publishing and engagement platform powering the world’s biggest brands, including IBM, Condé Nast and The Economist. At a time when consumers spend an average of five?hours per day in apps, we help create an immersive, intuitive mobile experience with minimum effort and investment.

Editorial Production

Through our Pagemasters North America division, we take care of your editorial production so you can focus on content creation ? from proofreading, copy editing and video editing to pagination and layout design. Our professional editors also provide content curation by selecting and publishing stories, photos, video and more for your website and social channels.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

We give PR professionals a head start on their strategy by giving a heads-up on relevant breaking news via Command News – our media forecasting service that emails news alerts of Canadian Press newswire stories while there’s still a chance to impact the media’s coverage. We also offer broadcast monitoring, alerting you to TV news transcripts within minutes after the program’s sign-off.

Trusted by leading organizations

Partner with Canada’s trusted news leader for content &?services to?help grow your business

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